Telecom & Wireless Solutions

Need an Extra Horsepower?
LeanStar solutions has a dedicated team of engineers, technicians, and drivers in field locations across the country to support nationwide carrier projects. Our team has extensive background in technology and government contracting experience. We understand the complexities of technology driven projects and strive to help our clients find the appropriate solutions to all of their contracting needs.

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Strategic sourcing & Vendor Management

Strategic sourcing and Vendor Management are part of the collaborative and structured process of critically analyzing an organization’s spending and using this information to acquire commodities and services more effectively and efficiently.
Effectiveness at this process helps optimize performance, minimize price, increase acquisition goals, and increase the value of each dollar spent.

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Contract Negotiation & Management

As your business grows, contractual agreements become an integral part your business. Moreover, Technology driven contract are more complex and not limited to pricing, services level agreements and risk mitigations. Your contracts should be written to protect YOU, it should be transparent and laying out all your needs and remedies. Negotiations results will affect business deals for many years, hence doing it right the first time is crucial.

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Welcome to Lean Star Solutions!

Lean Star Solutions is a minority and woman owned consultancy firm specializing in end-to-end deployment services and software solutions. Our services include Site planning, installations and maintenance. As the mobile industry changes, you can count on us to not only keep up with the latest advancements, but to stay one step ahead of them so that we can solve new problems before you even experience them.

Our purpose is simple – to solve the toughest challenges in the Telecommunications realm while improving your bottom line.

Our mission – to unravel complex challenges with sharp skills to provide results, improve efficiency and dramatically increase profits for our customers. We are aligning with you to further your business goals to the finish line. 

“Lean Star Solutions, delivering unmatched services”